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  • Creative Café, also known as a ‘World Café’ is like a co-design ideation workshops, which brings together people who are already contributing to issue under discussion. The cafe values and acknowledges their contributions as a significant part of the process. The Café promotes a space to co-create and co-design solutions to current and future issues. We will brainstorm solutions for our own problems together because we believe people already possess the wisdom and creativity to confront even the most difficult challenges. According to www.theworldcafe.com,” one of the distinguishing characteristics of the World Café is the opportunity to move between tables, meet new people, actively contribute your thinking, and link the essence of your discoveries to everwidening circles of thought.”
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WEMOBILE is an exploration of the struggles women undertake in their daily commutes. Partners in Pakistan, Malaysia and the UK have come together to pool these stories and experiences to understand their problems and how they are currently being addressed. By collaborating with designers, we will create mediums to illuminate these issues for stakeholders and policy makers driven to improve the transport experiences of women.

WEMOBILE addresses two of the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development:

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